About Us + You!

Welcome to the Digitally Distilled about page, I am thrilled to have you!

Step into my virtual office and allow me to introduce myself; I am Ella Hall. The Owner and Founder of Digitally Distilled, and my passion is helping YOU grow your business into the best it can be through impeccable design and branding!

So let me guess…

You’re probably here because you are a creative, motivated, go-getter entrepreneur that aspires for greatness and knows the meaning of hard work. NO PROBLEM, you are a ROCKSTAR, the world is your freaking oyster! “Who really needs sleep anyways” you might say.

Hard work, burning the midnight oil, an endless stream of espresso and your entrepreneurial passion are all you need…right? You can do it all! The only actual hiccup in this master plan is that there are only 24 hours in a day and cloning yourself just really isn’t financially feasible.

So how are you to have enough time to run your amazing business, check the hundred things off your daily to do list, keep your clients happy, keep your brand content current, your website fresh, your marketing on point, and continue to grow your business into the best it can be? I mean, honestly that’s the whole point isn’t it?!

Well, thats where I come in.

Life is precious, you should spend your time doing what you love! I know you love your brand but it’s also critical you take time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate. When you make time for yourself great things happen; you will be able to think clearer, feel better, and come back to your projects with newfound motivation and clarity!

No matter what your current design needs are Digitally Distilled is here for you, to ensure you find that WORK-LIFE BALANCE that you deserve!

Here to help you with everything you could possibly need; from website development to content writing, to social media management and graphic design. Let me give you some of your precious daily time back so you can channel it into the critical things only YOU can do!

So why choose DD? Because we are the pro’s! And you wouldn’t leave your precious brand in the hands of anyone but a pro!

With a background in direct marketing, sales, and client services, I have had the pleasure of learning from and excelling in a variety of fields. I enjoyed everything I did, but ultimately came to realize that my true passion was personally helping others succeed and grow. Thanks to my former corporate professional background I was able to identify my top in-demand skills and build a business I love that helps to give back to the fellow go-getters and my community!

Digitally Distilled is passionate about design and helping fellow entrepreneurs, small business start ups, and successful seasoned business owners ensure their image and online presence is “fresh” and impactful. Whether you are starting from scratch and not sure where to start, trying to boost your current online presence to bring in more clientele, or looking for a full re-branding marketing overhaul, we have you covered and cannot wait to help you reach new heights!

I can’t wait to meet you so feel free to check out our full service package list and drop a line on how we can refine your digital presence!

Talk to you soon!